» Rates & Services

Boarding Dogs$28/day
Boarding Cats$18/day Regular space
$20/day Deluxe space
Doggie DayKampFull Day$30
Half Day
(up to 5 hours)
Pre-paid PackagesBuy 10, pay $27.60/day = $276
Buy 20, pay $24.60/day = $492
Obedience TrainingBoard & Train
2 weeks/2 private lessons
Not currently available
Group ClassesNot currently available
GroomingFrom Basic clean-up baths to more specific trimming and groomingInquire w/ Groomer

Additional Service Options for Boarders

Medication & Supplements (Dogs)1 Med/SupplementNo Charge
2 Meds/Supplements$1/day
3+ Meds/Supplements or Multiple Meds done 3x/day$3/day
Medication & Supplements (Cats)1-2 Med/Supplement$1/day
3+ Meds/Supplements or Multiple Meds done 3x/day$3/day
Own Food
TM's does provide dry and canned foods for both Dogs and Cats
If premeasured and prepackaged by mealNo Charge
If we have to measure out the meals$2/day
One-on-one Play Time
For Dogs & Cats
Personal Play Time outside of the boarding space$6 per 15 min. session
(can opt up to twice per day)
Trail Walk
For Dogs only
A leisurely walk on our Wooded Trail$6 per 15 min. session
(can opt up to twice per day)
Happy Hour
Group Play for Dog Friendly Dogs only
One Hour of play with our DayKamp dogs$18 per session
(available mid-morning Monday-Friday)

* Charges are for “Day In & Day Out” and subject to change without notice.

Multi-Pet Discount:  There will be a 20% discount off the boarding rate of a third pet if at least two of the pets are boarding together.  Determination as to whether the pets can be boarded together is at the discretion of TM’s Kennel should there be considerable size, or activity level, difference in the pets, or should any “arguments” arise from boarding together.

Deposit & Cancellation Policy: During Peak Seasons (the days surrounding and including all Federal Holidays, Public School vacation weeks for MA and NH, and the span of time from July 1 through Labor Day), a $30 per pet deposit will be required in order to make and confirm a reservation.  If at least 48 hours notice of the incoming date is not given for a full cancellation or change in any reservation (this includes an early departure), the deposit will not be refunded.  All new clients will be required to leave this deposit for their first reservation with us, as well, regardless of whether we are in peak boarding season or not, with the same stipulations.