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Our training philosophy lies in building a trusting relationship with your dog in order to form a solid partnership.  Whether we are training your dog ourselves in our Board & Train program, or we are coaching you to train your dog in one of our Group Classes, we focus on that one basic goal: building a relationship.  If your relationship with your dog is good, then there is almost nothing you can accomplish together with enough practice and dedication.  We use positive reinforcement and reward-based techniques to motivate the dog and make the work enjoyable.  We believe that every dog is different and may need some modification from the “standard” techniques to be successful.  Yes, relationship building may take longer and require the handler to be more patient, but the results are lasting and far more reliable than behaviors learned purely to avoid correction.

  • Benefits of a well-trained dog:
    • Obedience training gives you and your dog a common language and helps to develop a stronger connection between the two of you with more attention from your dog.  Early training helps to prevent behavioral problems before they start to develop.
    • Training helps you to understand why your dog responds to certain things the way he does and helps you to figure out how to encourage the best out of him.
    • Having a dog that “listens” helps to reduce the tension between you and your dog making for a more companionable relationship.
    • You can show off his good manners to friends and family!
  • How to “get there”:
    • First, and foremost, you must communicate with your dog in a manner that makes sense to him.
    • Teach in an environment where your dog is focused, motivated, having fun, and ready to learn.
    • Realize that in order to achieve long-standing results, behvavior must be changed in small, steady increments.


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