» DayKamp Contract

When establishing your pet with us in our DayKamp, you will asked the sign our DayKamp Contract and Emergency Release.  The wording of both follow:

TM’s Kennel DayKamp Contract

 The following contract contains the full agreement between TM’s Kennel (the “Company”) and the owner/agent (“Owner”) as represented by the signature below.  The terms and conditions of this Contract shall be binding on the heirs, administrators and personal representatives and assignees of the Owner and the Company.  This Contract is binding for the present and all subsequent engagements for services of the Company by the Owner.

  1. The signatory represents that he is the legal owner or agent of said pet and that the information given about said animal is accurate, said animal has been inoculated according to the Company’s requirements, has not been exposed to Rabies, Canine Distemper or Canine Cough viruses within the past thirty days, and the required license has been obtained.
  2. The Owner releases the Company of any liability arising from the dog’s attendance and participation in the activities encompassed in “DayKamp”.  The Owner certifies that the dog is in good health and has not harmed or shown aggressive behavior towards any person or other dog.  Additionally, the Owner certifies that the dog does not have any history of climbing over or digging under fences, separation anxiety, excessive barking or any other known behavior that may cause injury to said dog or those in his presence.
  3. The Owner shall indemnify the Company against any claims made against the Company for any losses or damage of any kind suffered by the Company as a result of failure to inform the Company of any pre-existing condition the dog may have (including but not limited to an illness or known aggression/behavior problem).
  4. The Company takes all reasonable steps to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for all of our DayKamp dogs.  The undersigned understands that each dog can react differently to certain situations and to different dogs and animals.  The undersigned understands that dogs may unexpectedly cause injury to other animals or human beings, and as a result, the undersigned agrees to assume the risks associated with participating in DayKamp.  The undersigned hereby releases the Company from any and all liability resulting from injuries or risks associated with the undersigned and the undersigned’s dog’s presence on the property of the Company, including, but not limited to, dog fights, dog bites to humans, dog bites to other dogs, and the transmission of disease and parasites.
  5. The Owner agrees to take precautions against contagious illness and parasite exposure by consulting with their dog’s Veterinarian prior to the dog attending DayKamp.  Additionally, if the Owner knows of said exposure, he agrees to inform the Company immediately and not resume attendance in DayKamp until the dog has been cleared by a Veterinarian.  Proof of such clearance will be provided to the Company via written report from the Veterinarian on said Veterinarian’s letterhead before the dog resumes attending DayKamp.
  6. The Company supervises DayKamp at all times for safe play and Company staff will intervene if the activity becomes disorderly.  However, the undersigned understands that even under normal play conditions dogs may occasionally experience scratches, nicks, nips, bumps and muscle or joint discomfort.  Additionally, joint and muscle discomfort, fatigue, and/or sore paws (bruises, blisters, abrasions) may occur if the dog is not regularly exposed to the activity and surfaces provide in DayKamp.  In the event of injury to the dog, DayKamp staff may or may not notify the Owner immediately, at their discretion.  If the injury is not serious, DayKamp staff may allow the dog to continue to play and then notify the Owner at the time of pickup.  If the injury is serious or requires that the dog be removed from group activities the Owner will be notified immediately.
  7. The Company requires that the Owner provide a valid emergency contact to make medical decisions for the dog in the event that the dog needs extensive veterinary care.  In the event of a time-sensitive emergency, the dog may be transported to the Emergency Clinic before the emergency contact will be contacted.  Every effort will be made by the Company to call the emergency contact as soon as time permits.  The undersigned agrees to pay for any expenses associated with any such emergency care.  Additionally, the undersigned acknowledges the risks associated with the emergency and transport services and hereby releases the Company from any and all liability from injury, illness, or death of said dog as a result of emergency services and transport.
  8. The undersigned understands that through normal interactions with other dogs, outside surfaces, pools, etc, that the dogs may become dirty or matted.  The Company can provide grooming services for an additional fee; however, any grooming costs shall be the sole responsibility of the undersigned.
  9. The Owner agrees that all charges due on their account will be paid in full before the pet leaves the Company’s premises.  The Owner understands that the Company closes at 6:30 PM.  ONE late pick-up (no later than 30 minutes), will be forgiven at no charge.  After that, an $8.00 late fee will be assessed and a Courtesy Call will be required to inform the DayKamp staff of your late arrival.  At 7:00PM, the DayKamp staff will put the dog into his own kennel run for the night and will provide the dog with bedding, water and a meal.  The Owner will be responsible for paying the overnight boarding fee when the dog is called for.

TM’s Emergency Release:

” In the event of an emergency, as outlined in the Boarding Contract, every effort will be made to contact the Emergency Contact you have left on file.  Should the emergency be time-sensitive, we will need authorization to seek care on behalf of your pet.  By signing below, you guarrantee reimbusement of medical expenses up to $_____, until your Emergency Contact can be called to make further decisions on the pet’s behalf.”