» Preparing for your pet’s boarding stay

Help us to understand your pet’s care requirements as best as we can so that we can fit those requirements into our daily procedures.


Will we be feeding our standard diet here or will you bring your own food?

  1. Dry dog food is provided by Blue Seal in the following varieties:  Chicken, Lamb & Rice, and Pork & Barley (this product has no corn, soy, or wheat).
  2. Canned dog food is provided by Tripett and Pet Kind in several flavor combinations.
  3. Cat dry and can foods are changed up frequently to ensure variety as our feline boarders tend to be more finicky.

If you choose to bring your own food, we ask that you pre-measure and baggie each dry meal.  We feed twice per day to ensure better digestion.  If you are bringing canned food with you, just let us know how much can to add to each meal.  There is no need to baggie canned meal portions; we will cover and refrigerate unused portions for later use.  Please clearly mark each baggie or can label with your dog’s first and last names.  If you normally “free feed” your pet, it is a good idea to begin measuring how much your pet actually eats for several days prior to boarding, so that you have a good average portion size to work with.  This will help us to determine if your pet is eating enough while with us.

Helpful tip:  If you will be dropping off in the afternoon, we suggest that you feed your pet before arrival.  Often, due to either stress or excitement, pets in boarding will refuse their first meal at the kennel.

Please let us know of any food sensitivities or allergies that you might be aware of.


We are able to administer any medication with the exception of insulin.  We are sorry, but will not be able to care for an insulin dependent diabetic pet at our facility.

All oral medications and supplements must be presented to us separate from your pet’s food.  Please do not put your pet’s oral medication in the food baggies.  Though we will feed your pet on a schedule, we cannot ensure that given the stress of being in a boarding environment your pet eats on that schedule.  Often oral medications need to be administered within a certain range of time to ensure that the levels of that drug stay consistent in your pet’s system.  If your pet chooses to eat his breakfast two hours after we present it to him, he will be ingesting his medication late.  Also, it is not uncommon for the pet to eat around the medication, skipping it altogether (and once it has been disolved it is nearly impossible to administer).  For these reasons, we present medications separately on a specific schedule so that we can track them.  Medications that need to be given with food are given with a small amount of food.  Once that is eaten, the full meal is then presented.

It is best if you can provide the medication in the original bottle or packaging.  We will give it back to you at the end of your pet’s stay.  If you prefer to only bring a small supply with your pet, we suggest you bring along a few extra doses in case your trip is unexpectedly extended or we have a problem administering a dose and need a back-up dose.  Additionally, we will need the following information:

  • Medication or supplement name, strength, dosage size, and frequency.
  • The underlying reason for the medication/supplement.

Please let us know of any drug allergies that your pet may have.

Special Care Concerns:

Is your pet afraid of thunder storms or fireworks?

Is your dog not friendly with other dogs?

Does you dog not like men?

Does your dog tend to shred and eat blankets or toys?

Has you pet had any prior injuries or surgeries that may affect or limit his activites?

Does you cat get frequent hairballs?

Does your cat get “the sniffles” when she is stressed?

Please make us aware of any special consideration so that we may make sure your pet is comfortable while visiting with us!