» Boarding Dogs

  • Spacious floor-to-ceiling pens with access to an exterior roof-covered run.K3insidert
  • Pens large enough to comfortably house “giant” breeds with doors designed for easy access for taller dogs, and those of greater girth.
  • A building specifically designed for the safety of small, or “toy”, breeds featuring fencing that meets up with the floor to prevent under-gate escaping and smaller doggie doors meant to be less intimidating to the “tiny.”
  • Special pens designed to keep climbers from escaping with fencing continuing overhead and welded hinges to keep the “creative” from escaping.  This design is a favorite of the many police officers who board their K9s with us.
  • Optional leash walks and individual, or group, play time to personalize your dog’s boarding experience.
  • Blankets and toys provided for your dog’s comfort and enjoyment, and your convenience.