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aerialLocated in Methuen, Massachusetts, TM’s Kennel is one of the largest boarding facilities in the world.  Founded in 1965 by Ted Meisner, TM’s Kennel is still growing!  Our clientele come to us from all over New England – as far reaching as Connecticut and Rhode Island – to take advantage of our services.   Ted’s desire back then, and our continued efforts today, center on creating a safe, comfortable, and fun stay for your pets when they cannot be home.  Our facility is large enough to house over 100 pets, yet our setting is intimate enough to provide each pet with a quality of care that is unlike many other large kennels.  Our staff is dedicated to making each individual pet feel welcome and secure while under their care.  In addition to boarding, you can choose from our many “a la carte” services to ensure your pet has a truly enjoyable experience with us.  Many of our clients affectionately refer to our facility as “camp” when telling their pets they are coming to the kennel.  They tell us how excited their pets are when they turn on to our street.   Those wagging tails and bouncing, wiggling bodies are our biggest compliments!